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Eye Health Starts with Routine Eye Exams

It’s easy to procrastinate about booking your next eye exam, especially if you haven’t noticed any difference in your daily vision. 

At Pacific EyeCare Optometry, our eye doctors recommend booking an appointment once every year. We care about your eyes and know that certain diseases can affect your vision without any warning signs.  

Preventative health care is the key to maintaining optimal visual health, and we want to keep your eyes healthy, strong, and happy for many years to come. Visit us for comprehensive eye exams in Los Angeles.

Routine Eye Exams are Essential

You might be wondering how often you should book a comprehensive eye exam. At Pacific EyeCare Optometry, we recommend an eye exam annually to our new patients and annually if your eyes are considered “at-risk.” 

Everyone’s vision is an individual experience, and it may take a couple of eye exams to determine your eye’s overall health. We may also need to look at your medical history and ask a few lifestyle questions. Once we know your vision a little bit better, your exams may occur less frequently.

What to Expect During Your Eye Exam

Our team will conduct a short interview, ask a few questions about your overall health and lifestyle, and take a series of tests to determine your vision quality during every appointment. After these tests, your optometrist will screen for common eye diseases

We work hard to discover eye conditions, and their solutions, before you experience long-term vision problems. Eye diseases can occur without any warning, and symptoms present themselves only in later stages. 

Our comprehensive eye exams screen for common eye diseases, including: 

Once your exam is complete, your optometrist will discuss any changes to your prescription and provide any details about their findings.

Book an Eye Exam at Pacific EyeCare Optometry

At Pacific EyeCare Optometry, we offer experienced and compassionate eye care in a pleasant and comfortable environment. We use top-range diagnostic equipment to screen your eyes and use accessible treatment options tailored to your needs. 

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are ready to provide you with details about your eyes’ overall health, show off our newest designer frames, and answer any questions you may have about contact lenses. Total vision care is available to you right here in Culver City. Book your eye exam today!

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