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If you are experiencing an eye emergency, you must seek immediate care. Please contact us if you or someone in your family needs help. Please, speak to a professional even if you are unsure your symptoms warrant an emergency. 

Eye injuries can result in severe vision problems. Please contact Pacific EyeCare Optometry with any concerns about an eye emergency, and if we are closed, visit your nearest emergency room.

Watch For These Symptoms

Contact us immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms

New or severe headaches

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Types of Eye Emergencies

Chemical Exposure

Chemical injuries can happen at any time in many locations. The most common types of chemical injuries include:

  • Alkali burns: Found in household objects such as fertilizer, cleaning products, and cement.
  • Acid burns: Contained in products such as nail polish, vinegar, and car batteries.
  • Irritants: Found in items with a more neutral PH like detergents and pepper spray.

Damage can occur quickly in a chemical emergency, and it’s imperative to take action immediately. Flush your eyes with cool water for fifteen minutes and call us right away.

Eye trauma involves puncture wounds, foreign objects, cuts, and scrapes. These types of injuries can occur through blows, blunt force, and flying pieces of material.

If a large foreign object becomes embedded in your eye, a professional must remove it to prevent further damage. You will need to immobilize the object and seek medical attention immediately.

Here are the steps to immobilize an object embedded in the eye:

  1. Do not apply pressure. Leave the object exactly as it is.
  2. Wash or sanitize your hands thoroughly.
  3. The size of the object determines how it should be bandaged:
  • If the object is small in size, cover both eyes with sterile dressings.
  • If the object is larger, tape a paper cup over the affected eye and cover the other eye with a sterile dressing.

Please contact us right away with your eye emergency.

Sudden loss of vision can indicate a severe eye emergency. Seek help immediately if you experience a sudden loss of vision or other changes like flashing lights or floaters.

Contact a professional right away, even if the loss only occurs in one part of your vision or if the incident was only temporary.

Vital Protection

Protective eyewear plays a significant role in preventing eye injuries. Make careful choices and pay attention to your surroundings to reduce the risk of incidents. 

Your eyes’ health is our number one concern at Pacific EyeCare Optometry. If anyone in your household requires emergency care, please call us immediately. We provide swift, compassionate, and knowledgeable treatment in urgent situations. We are here to help!

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